Drama club for children of primary school age.




The Darvel PALS (Performers and Little Stars) is open to all children of primary school age. 

The group was formed to encourage youngsters of primary school age to be involved in activities that promote confidence building, development of skills and team building in a Christian environment.  They perform regularly throughout the year, especially at church festival times.

They meet for fun and rehearsal in the large hall each Friday from 4.00pm until 5.30pm.

 For further details, please contact Jeanette Gordon on 07990523806 or by email on jeanettegordon18@gmail.com



On Friday 7th December, the young members of "PALS" gave their first performance, "The Lonely Bat". Around 100 people came along to see the production, none of whom were disappointed.  

The Lonely Bat : Christmas 2012

Joining Joseph the Joiner's Family : Christmas 2013

The Magical Christmas Jigsaw : Christmas 2014

Straw and Order : Christmas 2015

PALS journey to Bethlehem : Christmas 2016

The Curious Sheep Goes to a Party : Christmas 2017

We can do Good : Summer 2013

Moses : Summer 2014

Jonah : Summer 2015

The Giant Slayer : Summer 2016

The Gospel Show : Summer 2017


 Photographs Used by Parental Permission